About our bakery

We started the bakery in 2014 with the aim of creating the most delicious bread in southern Sweden. We thought quality was the most important thing and so we focused on it more than anything else.

In 2015, we launched the bakery, shortly afterwards we concentrated on creating strong relationships with different stores in Scania to offer them our range of the highest quality.


The most challenging thing was when we decided to distribute our products considering that they would be available in every household. One can say that after three years from launch, our products have become more well-known and popular to most Arab households in southern Sweden.

We are still working hard to create the best experiences for people when they taste our products.

Our assortment

Our assortment mainly offers Arabic baked products. The assortment has become incredibly popular to to many Arab households in southern Sweden.


Since launching in 2015, we have only concentrated on three different types of flatbread. In 2019, we decided to make our assortment more suitable for consumers by offering two new varieties of flatbread containing new quantities.

To know the difference between the different varieties please visit our assortment page.


At present, we plan to offer a wider range that will include everything from burger bread to many tasty confectionery products.

This is expected to happen in the years 2020-2021.

We will inform all our dear consumers of any changes that will be made to the assortment via our website.

Feel free to subscribe to our updates to find out everything new.

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